Updated Menagerie Characters

Julian Bonvent #2-Recovered Monky Bone #3

These are the updated versions of my menagerie characters, I changed the ones that didn’t work. The one that did work, I added some more color to it and tried to add a bit more feeling to each.


Redone poses for characters

Poses for Characters img005

I needed new poses for these two characters, because they didn’t seem to work out as well as the other one. So I sketched out some different poses and found some that worked out pretty well.

Menagerie Update Damian Sol #2 Julian Bonvent #2


Updated menagerie ideas. They aren’t one hundred percent right. Especially Monky. I decided to relate them through the colors they were wearing too.

Inspirations for Menagerie





The artist that I have here is Nafisah tung, also known as the deivant art user Tyshea.

This artist has always inspired me in general, but her work also can inspire the work that I want to do for my menagerie. She usually concentrates on the characters that she develops, and that really shows. Her characters she comes up with are amazing and very lively. They all have their own environments, their own looks, and even their own personality quirks.

Project 1: Character Menagerie ideas

Character Menagerie Ideas

Some characters that are related through story. Their names are Julian, Monky, Damian. I’m currently writing the story myself. I base some if not most characters that have a major part in the story off of people that I know. With most people that I make characters after I tend to let them pick their character’s name, but that’s pretty much where is stops. The rest I decide, whether to base the character off of their looks, or personality, or whatever else there is. These are some of my favorite to design and play with and they’re almost constantly changing in some way shape or form.