Set Assistant, and Dylan’s Group

Working with Dylan’s group on this live action film is very exciting. I’ve been given the role of set assistant. I’m not one hundred percent what I’m supposed to do besides help out with the set when we start filming,but I’m up for anything. I’ll get to learn about my role, and hopefully pick up some other pointers from other roles on anything else, like editing, or even directing. The pipeline project should be a lot of fun, getting to collaborate with others.


Menagerie Characters Final

Final Presentation


These three, are Julian Bonvent, Monky Bone, and Damian Sol. They’re related through story, a story I’m currently writing. Also they’re related through the story in a different way, through the actions they’re carrying out. Julian is on the football team for the College they all attend, North Manhattan Riverside University, and the football team is known as the Tidal Waves. He is currently on the field playing in a game. Monky helps record the footage for television and for the football team’s practices. Damian is currently watching the football game on the television. They’re all wearing the colors of the school which is blue and orange, they also have the school emblem on their clothes.